Rpowers for Restraunts

RPOWER POS offers a robust, user-friendly point-of-sale system designed specifically for fine dining restaurants, streamlining service and boosting customer satisfaction. Their system simplifies menu customization to keep up with evolving trends, allowing staff to quickly update items and provide accurate tableside ordering with mobile devices. This increases order accuracy and reduces errors.

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reports & analytics on the go

Offline Mode

More Than 100+ Integrations for a powerful POS

With RPOWER, you can choose from over 100 integrations including accounting, employee management, online ordering and more. Customize your fine dining POS with the integrations that give you the tools to help grow your business..

Offline Mode

Ensure uninterrupted business operations with RPOWER POS's industry-leading offline capabilities, designed to provide a seamless guest experience from dining to checkout. Even during personal network issues, RPOWER's intelligent technology keeps your restaurant running smoothly by maintaining vital POS functions. Regardless of your internet status, you can confidently serve customers, take orders, and process payments. This proactive solution guarantees your business never stops, allowing you to focus on delivering top-notch service and optimizing revenue while ensuring reliability even offline

In Depth reports

Boost your restaurant's growth with RPOWER POS's comprehensive restaurant analytics. Gain access to your sales, inventory, and payroll data all in one convenient place. RPOWER provides real-time, cloud-based reporting across web reports, dashboards, and a mobile app, offering 24/7 access to your POS data. Stay connected and maintain control over your business from anywhere, thanks to customizable alerts and online reports that help you monitor key performance indicators, streamline your operations, and manage employees effectively. Optimize your business strategies with RPOWER's data-driven insights to stay competitive in today's dynamic market.

Mobile Ordering

RPOWER POS's online ordering system offers a convenient, intelligent, and sophisticated solution for restaurants seeking to enhance their customer experience: Convenient: Restaurants can customize the online ordering features to best meet their needs, like moving phone orders online, allowing staff to focus on dine-in guests. Intelligent: Seamlessly integrated with RPOWER's POS system, online orders sync directly with the kitchen for smooth communication. Sophisticated: Craft an online menu with ease using user-friendly tools or merge it directly with the POS system for enhanced insights at the touch of a button. Optimize your operations with a customizable, integrated, and insightful online ordering system that aligns perfectly with your restaurant's requirements.