Multi-Check Dashboard

Does your POS have a dashboard? Well… it should!

It is a well known truth that many of your restaurant/ bar servers spend much more time performing check functions, like printing, closing and splitting, than on adding actual menu items to their guests’ tickets. For this very reason we’d like to introduce you to the Multi-Check Dashboard, or MCD, of our revolutionary FOCUS POS dashboard. With our POS dashboard, your servers will have the opportunity to increase their productivity, efficiency, customer satisfaction, and finally, their tips! The Multi-Check POS dashboard allows servers to save valuable time with a “view all” option that will display all open checks at once! Even better, the MCD can perform multiple functions on multiple checks without leaving the dashboard; Print receipts, close checks, split tender and add food/ beverage items to checks faster than ever before.

Check out this video for more common sense solutions for your business:



Revolutionize check handling and increase efficiency and productivity with the Multi-Check POS dashboard.


Simultaneously manage all checks and tables
Easily split, print, and close checks
Add order items to checks
High-speed credit card processing


Manage carryout, pickup, and in-house orders
Personalize the dashboard
Create up to 30 customizable commands
Apply special or promotional discounts