The restaurant POS system that works for you

Winston POS offers a user-friendly and complete point-of-sale system designed specifically for restaurants. Both users and guests can count on an amazing experience with Winston. With this modern system, you are assured of optimal business operations and a stable technological future.

Why Choose Us

✓ Offline mode

✓ Store and forward DC direct

✓ Operates on handhelds

✓ Integration with Restaurant365

Available on handhelds

Winston operates on all common devices and operating systems. This makes it possible to use Mr. Winston on handhelds. You get maximum flexibility in how you want to use Winston within your restaurant business.

Offline Mode

Ensure uninterrupted business operations with Winston's offline mode. If the internet goes down, Mr. Winston keeps working. Serve guests, take orders, and complete payments. With Winston's Store & Forward feature, credit card processing also continues to work when the internet is interrupted.

Extra Modules

In addition to the POS, you can expand Winston with countless extra features. This can be done through integrations with external systems as well as with Winston's internal modules. Think of reservations, detailed reports, clocking in and time tracking, and self-ordering. Make your Winston POS as comprehensive as you desire. This way, you stay ahead in the current dynamic market.

Mobile Ordering

Winston POS's online ordering system offers a convenient, intelligent, and sophisticated solution for restaurants seeking to enhance their customer experience. Create your ideal online ordering environment and optimize your operations. With Winston, you are leading in the market.