A new study regarding the future of technology in restaurants was recently published by the NRA. The research studied current trends and opinions.  All of us – operators and consumers – agree on the benefits of technology in restaurants.  But while new technology is useful, it can complicate the restaurant experience.

About 80% of restaurant operators think that technology can help make restaurants more productive, increase profits and provide a big advantages across the board. At the same time, 50% say technology also makes the experience more complex and potentially less pleasurable. This information highlights the importance of user-friendly, streamlined solutions that help create an innovative experience along with a strong ROI.

Research like the National Restaurant Association’s survey demonstrates the integral role technology can play in restaurants. Better customer service and efficiency lead to higher profits.  While franchises and multi-unit operators have lead the way in the use of technology, all segments of the restaurant industry have benefited from new restaurant technologies.

Operators say that costs remain the primary barrier to implementing more technology. Cost-effective solutions and strong ROI will make the difference going forward, since operator interest in exploring the technology is clearly here.  When shopping for restaurant technology, make sure your vendor works with you to ensure the best possible return on your investment, year after year.