Reforming Retail-How Did PayPal Score Record Margins While Their Customers Went Bankrupt?

Payments processing has gotten extremely popular in investment communities because, well, what’s not to love? Zero COGS Guaranteed demand: merchants must take cards from someone First claim to money: paid immediately on every swipe, even if customer goes bankrupt Infinite upside: customers have no idea how pricing works so you can invent whatever fees necessary…



By Jacob Bennett, ETA CPP It’s important to understand the significance of friendly fraud, the damage it can cause, and how merchants can avoid it. Friendly fraud. The name is misleading as there’s really nothing “friendly” about it. Friendly fraud is a type of chargeback in which a customer orders goods or services using a…

25 year anniversary

25th Anniversary Celebration

25 Years and Counting… The New Year marks the Twenty Fifth Anniversary for us here at Advanced Restaurant Management Applications and we could not be more excited to share the joy of reaching such a humbling milestone in our company with our community.  Through the years, we have been given the opportunity to help some of…