Bar & Nightclub Point of Sale

Experience unmatched efficiency with the RPOWER Bar POS system, designed to handle the fast-paced environment of bars and nightclubs. At peak times, our system ensures you keep up with the crowd effortlessly. Renowned for being the fastest point of sale system on the market, RPOWER is also the most efficient and user-friendly.

Ensuring Uninterrupted Service with RPOWER Bar POS

Your bar cannot afford downtime due to internet outages. With RPOWER Bar POS, you can continue to open and close tabs, accept credit card payments for later authorization, access open checks, and much more, even when the internet is down. RPOWER terminals seamlessly communicate with each other, ensuring your business operations run smoothly without interruption. Your guests will never know the internet was down. Experience the reliability and continuous service that RPOWER Bar POS provides, keeping your bar running efficiently at all times.

Secure Credit Card Processing

RPOWER works exclusively with Validated Payment Applications to ensure your system is up-to-date with the latest PCI Security Standards, safeguarding against security breaches

PCI Compliancy

RPOWER ensures safe acceptance and processing of cardholder data for all transactions. The application software is validated annually to maintain compliance with the Payment Card Industry Security Standards, keeping your POS system secure and current.


Protect against customer walkouts with pre-authorization. Validate credit cards for authenticity and funds, saving time and reducing liability.

Spotter Display

Monitor order transaction totals easily with the Spotter Display, showcasing all details on a single screen.

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