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Did you know that FocusPOS has a Digital Signage option?

This means you can run ads up-selling your products, cross-market your other restaurants, or advertise other businesses that refer back to you.

Protect Your System

Are you protecting your system by backing up your data daily?

ARMA offers an automatic backup system for $1 per day.

Contact us for more information.

"The optimal combination of value, features, flexibility and service..."

Jay Jerrier, Owner Campania Pizza

ARMA POS offers complete point-of-sale (POS) solutions that can be adapted to meet unique requirements across the food and beverage and retail industries. Award-winning software refocuses management and employee time from learning and implementing the POS system to spending more time with customers and restaurant operations. With the customizable screens and tailored programming, employee training time is reduced, mistakes are minimized and key operational data is literally at your fingertips.

With extensive experience in the food and beverage industries, our expert staff can help you setup and tailor FocusPOS to met your specific needs.

Contact us at:
303-752-2762 or 970-926-2762
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